A GREENER way of living.

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with forest carbon

Here at Kier Living we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.

As part of our Greener Living campaign we have partnered with Forest Carbon, a company leading the way in voluntary carbon woodland creation in the UK. We have committed to planting 45,000 new trees by 2020 to mitigate our carbon usage.

Through our partnership with Forest Carbon we will create new woodlands totalling 15,000 trees per annum over the next three years to balance our annual 3,500 tonne CO2 footprint.

As well as its work with Forest Carbon, Kier Living is implementing greener working practices across all of its development sites. This includes changes in the way it uses energy, disposes of waste and how it uses equipment. It is also helping new home buyers at all Kier developments to become more energy efficient in everyday life, providing guidance on using household appliances, transport and energy resources.

Did you know?

Up to 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea each year, that's equivalent to the weight of a million London buses. Rather than use plastic cups, why not use ceramic mugs and glasses wherever possible.

Did you know?

One million plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute and only 45% are recycled in the UK... why not fill a reusable plastic bottle which will also save you money.

Did you know?

Under inflated tyres could cost you around £40 more on your average petrol outgoings, based on reduced fuel economy of 3%.

Did you know?

A water efficient shower head could save a four person household around £67 a year.

Did you know?

Using a bowl full of water to wash up as opposed to running a tap, can save you around £30 a year in energy bills.

Did you know?

Installing a thermostat, programmer or thermostatic radiator valves could save you between £80 - £165 a year on your heating and hot water bills.

Did you know?

Buying a smart heating control can not only help you understand your household energy usage, but it can also save you money.

Did you know?

Simply switching to LED spotlights from halogens could save you £35 per year on bills.

Did you know?

Taking an extra second to switch off standby could actually save you £30 a year.

The Kier Living plastic pledge. As a business we need to do more to help the global fight against plastic and meet our 2020 waste generation targets

"We know that we - and the house building industry - need to do more for the environment. It is a major undertaking but one which we are 100% committed to achieve, and we're looking forward to becoming a more carbon efficient house builder by 2020.

We will also be talking to the communities we work in about the impact everyday actions have on the environment. Our communication with a wider audience means we ensure as many people as possible benefit from our commitment to becoming a more sustainable business."

John Anderson, Executive Director

"UK forestry is in desperate need of expansion. We are among the least forested countries in Europe, and yet for example a staggering 80% of the timber we use is imported. We also need new woodlands for habitat, flood mitigation, cleaner rivers and community access, all on top of carbon capture. Kier Living's tremendous contribution is across all these project types"

Stephen Prior, Director at Forest Carbon